Mind reading technology is here

We have seen it in sci-fi movies several times, Minority Report and Listening, to name a few, however, min-reading technology is finally here. Scientists have invented new technology that analyses brain waves to recreate the image the user is thinking about.

The technology has been developed by Dan Menrodov who is a post doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Using this technology, he was able to reconstruct images that were seen by subjects using electroencephalography (EEG) data. The technology works based on the concept of recreating impressions: whenever a person looks at something, his or her brain creates a mental impression of it called percept. The percept has been identified and recreated successfuly. The study that revealed the technology and its successful use was published in the journal eNeuro where the test subjects were connected to the EEG equipment and were shown images of face. Their brain activity was observed and used to digitally recreate the images using techniques based on machine learning algorithms.

This technology could have various applications, ranging from medical treatment to interrogations. When it is available for professional use is still anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, as of today, the technology exists and that is pretty awesome.

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