LG’s new wearable robot will bring you close to ‘Iron Man’

South Korean Tech firm LG has announced its working on a new ‘wearable’ robot suit which will help users carry heavy loads among other tasks. LG says that the suit is designed in such a manner to assist manual labour at places like warehouses and factories.  The wearable robot suit is called as ‘LG CLOi SuitBot’ and will be showcased at the upcoming technology trade show IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Unlike the previously announced bots from LG such as Guide Robot, Cleaning Robot and Serving Robot, the LG CLOi SuitBot doesn’t navigate airport lounges and hotel hallways by itself. Rather it supports and enhances a user’s legs to allow for more mobility and lower limb strength.” LG CLOi SuitBot will evolve with time by analysing the biometric data, measuring movements and will suggest optimal movements for maximum power efficiency.

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