Government develops game to counter cybercrimes against children

The government has launched its own game application for children in a bid to counter incidents of cybercrimes against children due to dangerous games like ‘blue whale’ and ‘momo’ challenges. The ‘cyber trivia’ app would have a set of multiple choice questions and children would rewarded points based on their answers, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights said. The game has been developed amid rising cases of suicide by children due to challenges like ‘blue whale’ and ‘momo’. The blue whale and momo challenges led to suicides of several children in India as well as world over. According to advisory issued by the Government, in these games, the creators seek out their victims who are in depression and send them an invitation to join. The basis of the challenge is that an anonymous “group administrator”, otherwise known as “the curator,” hands out tasks to selected “players” that must be completed, documented and posted during a period.

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