When is 5G coming to India?

5G is the future and it is already here

The memories of Airtel launching 4G services in India are yet to fade; the in/famous Airtel 4G girl and the spectacular speeds that were promised are still topics in tea-room discussions and office debates. While people are still coming to terms with the unbelievable speeds at which mobile data can be accessed, 5G is already looking to make its way to the Indian market. The 5th generation mobile/wireless networks (5G) are going to affect telecommunications systems around the world and it is not just the access and download speeds that are going to be affected, it is much more than that.

Every new invention or advancement in network technology gives rise to new opportunities and new user experiences. 5G has shifted from a possibility to a tangible reality, one that brings with it a plethora of new opportunities. This next generation of mobile networks will have a higher capacity than the fourth generation technology, thereby, allowing for a higher density of mobile and wireless broadband users. It will also support ultra-reliable device-to-device communication.

How will 5G make a difference?

These are some of the changes/new features that 5G is going to bring:

  • The fifth generation of mobile networks is going to work at lower latency than 4G equipment and will also aim to lower battery consumption.
  • Data speeds of tens of megabits per second for a multitude of users
  • Data speeds touching 100 megabits per second in metropolitan areas
  • Numerous (hundreds of thousands) simultaneous connections for wireless sensors
  • Better coverage
  • Enhanced signalling efficiency

In essence, 5G will be more than just faster speeds. It will be crucial for the future technologies and concepts such as the Internet of Things (all devices inter-connected by Internet), lossless broadcast services and real-time communication in times of emergencies such as natural disasters.

When is 5G coming to India?

It might take a few years for the telecom giants of India such as Airtel, Vodafone and Reliance to launch 5G based services in India. The timeline of the deployment will depend on the demand for improved user experience and faster data speeds; i.e. the more the demand, the faster the deployment will take place. Presently, it is estimated that 5G will be made available for the mobile users by 2022 but there are no guarantees. What is guaranteed is a better overall experience for the users in addition to world-class data speeds and services.


When is 5G coming to India?

Is 5G coming to India?

5G will come to India in 2020.

When will 5G come to India?

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